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Headmaster's message

CAFA International Wine and Spirits Academy, located in the historic Chateon region of Bordeaux, France, has been recruiting students from all over the world since 1986。

Wine is not only the art of living, but also a love from the heart。Because of this love for wine, our school has gathered teachers who graduated from world-class professional colleges;Because of this passion, our team of teachers will spare no effort to teach students the relevant theories of viticulture, winemaking, tasting, serving, appellation and wine trade。

CAFA International Wine and Spirits Institute enjoys a worldwide reputation。It has established branches all over the world, including Germany, Belgium, China, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, South Korea, India, the United States, etc。

We are excited to have you join our professional schools around the world!

Wine industry elite talent training experts

French CAFA wine&CAFA-FORMATIONS was founded in 1986 and is located in the region of Bordeaux, which is known as the wine capital of the world。It is an international school specializing in wine and alcoholic beverages and is regulated by the French Ministry of Education。Also French CAFA wine&The School of Spirits is also the only school in the Bordeaux region with a specialty of French National Sommelier Consultant,The CES diploma awarded by the authoritative magazine "LA REVUE DU VIN DE FRANCE" and "RVF French Wine magazine" as one of the 19 most valuable wine diplomas in France,The CES diploma is not only highly recognized by the wine industry and enterprises,It is also promoted to level 5 by the French National Vocational Qualification Certificate Supervisory Commission RNCP。

After more than 30 years of development, its branch schools are spread around the world in Europe, the United States, Asia more than a dozen countries, there are tens of thousands of students in CAFA wine&Finish your studies at each campus of the Spirits Academy and become an industry elite in wine-related fields。

China CAFA branch was established in Beijing in July 2009。Since the school was founded,CAFA (China) has always been adhering to the philosophy of cultivating elite talents for the domestic wine industry,To provide a set of international, authoritative, comprehensive quality courses as one of their own responsibility,To promote the healthy development of the industry as the goal,Through the joint efforts of excellent teachers from China and France,Now it has set up more than 100 branches, offices and teaching centers across the country,There are more than 200 authorized lecturers nationwide,Training industry personnel more than 10,000。

CAFA industry status and honor

French INAO (Designation of Origin and Quality Control Institute) Bordeaux wine tasting and quality inspectors

Member of the Bordeaux Licensing jury

Member of the jury of the Hachette Wine Guide, France's first wine and spirits guide

Jury member of the World Wine Challenge

French restaurant authority newspaper "Golden kitchen hat" yearbook column reporter

Member of the Wine Selection Committee, Leclec Trade Center

Consultant, VATEL International Hotel and Tourism Management Business School, Vatel, France

Teaching consultant at the Wine Trade Institute of the Department of Commerce and Industry of Bordeaux

CAFA is a member of the French Sommelier Association, which is affiliated with ASI International Sommelier Association, the organizer of the World's Best Sommelier Competition。CAFA students who pass the CES assessment can also become members of this outstanding sommelier organization。

Core strengths of CAFA

1. Strong teachers: more than 30 years of professional teaching experience, industry experts, scholars, enterprises to participate in the teaching。

2. International teaching: Chinese, English and French trilingual teaching。

3. Strong practicality: real simulation teaching, integration of knowledge and practice, alternate experience of work and learning。

4. Full course: Scientific arrangement, covering a comprehensive system of wine and spirits, other alcoholic beverages, coffee, cigars and other knowledge system and practical training。

5. International General Diploma: Recognized by the French education industry, the International Sommelier Association, enterprises and local Chinese enterprises。

6. Diversified employment direction: high-end catering, luxury hotels, international trade, tourism, media, education, exhibition and other development directions。

7. Strong alumni network: CAFA graduates are all over the wine industry at home and abroad in various fields, most of them have become the mainstay and leader of the industry, to become a CAFA alumni is to join the "Ivy" alumni network in the wine industry。Through the alumni network, cutting-edge information sharing and career advancement can be achieved。

Lecturer introduction

Since its establishment in 1986, CAFA College has always adhered to the teaching concept of high standards and high standards, and spread the culture of sommelier, wine and spirits. The college has hired many industry elites and excellent lecturers, whose lecturers' subdivisions include variety, brewing, planting, sommelier service and wine cellar&Winery management, wine culture, wine business and trade, and other professional fields, strive to bring the most advanced, most professional, most rich knowledge content for students。

At the same time, CAFA lecturers have been making continuous progress, absorbing more professional and advanced knowledge concepts, and demanding themselves with higher standards。

In addition, CAFA Academy also invites many people in the industry to serve as visiting professors to bring more industry knowledge and information to students。Improve the students' knowledge system more comprehensively。

CAFA - Global

CAFA Academy was founded in 1986。Located in Bordeaux, the "wine capital of the world"。It is now under the supervision of the French Ministry of Education, including the Grape Board&School of Spirits, School of Business and School of Hotel Management。An international school offering specialist, undergraduate and master's programmes。

The school currently has CAFA Business School, CAFA School of Hotel Management, and CAFA School of Wine and Spirits。Among them, the CAFA Wine and Spirits Academy offers the only CES (Conseiller En Sommellerie) French National Sommelier consultant in Bordeaux。Concurrent wine&Master and MBA degree in spirits marketing and management。

As an international school with more than 30 years of educational experience, CAFA has branches and offices in Bulgaria, Russia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the United States, China, South Korea and Japan, in addition to its headquarters in France。

CAFA - Business School

CAFA Business School (CAFA)

The college offers specialist, undergraduate and master level courses in marketing, international trade, business administration, human resources management, etc。

Relying on strong teachers and frequent exchanges between schools and enterprises, graduates not only have solid theoretical knowledge, but also have a broad international vision and strong work execution ability。

CAFA - School of Hotel Management

CAFA-Hotellerie-Restaurant School

The college offers hotel management, superior French cuisine, catering service, international bartender and other majors。

CAFA believes that hotel management is both a scientific management process and requires an artistic approach。And carry this idea into the professional teaching, all course design advocate the organic unity and balance of art and management science。The combination of classroom, practice and internship is adopted to help students learn international standards and practical operations of hotel management。

CAFA - Wine and Spirits Institute

CAFA-Wine School (CAFA-Wine School)

It is an international college specializing in the study of wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages。

He has been engaged in professional wine education for more than 30 years and receives students from all over the world every year。In order to continuously improve the quality of teaching and highlight the teaching characteristics of CAFA, the college invites top French wineries and senior industry experts to participate in the teaching work of the year。

The field visit to the winery, the face-to-face communication and sharing between the winery owners and the students, all of which allowed the students to have a deeper understanding and mastery of vineyard management, wine production, wine tasting, and winery management。

CAFA - China

In 2009, the French School set up a branch in China, with its headquarters in Beijing

China's leading wine and sommelier education brand

Founding unit of China University Sommelier Competition

G100/WINE100 and other competitions designated judge units

There are nearly 100 branches, offices and teaching centers nationwide

There are more than 200 certified lecturers, and more than 10,000 wine elites are trained every year。

To provide internationally certified MBA courses and international exchange visits for middle and senior management of domestic wine-related enterprises

We have cooperated with more than 50 universities in China on the course "Sommelier International Certification Level 1-3", and more than 200 schools have participated in the Chinese University Sommelier Competition sponsored by CAFA and the French Ministry of Commerce。

It has reached important strategic cooperation with more than 30 universities in China, such as professional co-construction, international exchange programs, industrial colleges, etc。

The "enterprise/university talent database" of China's wine industry has been created, intelligently subdividing the needs of enterprises and accurately matching university talents。

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