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Integration of production and education

CAFA actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Education on deepening the integration of industry and education and cooperating with schools and enterprises to educate people. In 2019 - the second decade of domestic development, CAFA officially launched its educational strategic layout.0 版本,To "sommelier service and professional standards" as the main line,Covering "wine culture", "wine marketing", "wine tourism", "wine international trade" and other sections,The construction of teaching staff, the improvement of course system and teaching materials have been carried out,Actively connect with national junior college/undergraduate colleges and universities, On the basis of jointly developing talent training programs,Strive to promote cooperation with different majors of hotel management, tourism management, marketing, international trade and so on。

At present, more than 50 universities have reached cooperation with CAFA;Twenty-two institutions have become important strategic partners。Among them, the cooperation at the undergraduate level includes the co-construction of the "Hotel Management - Wine Tasting and Winery Management Direction" with the College of Modern Service Management of Shandong Youth University of Political Science;Jointly build "International Business - French National Sommelier Consulting Direction" with Guilin University of Electronic Science and Technology;Cooperation at the junior college level includes building an industrial college with Qingdao Vocational and Technical College。

Another theme of the integration of production and education is to solve the fundamental problem of college talent employment and enterprise employment。CAFA successfully held the first "CAFA Wine and Spirits Institute (China) Industry and Education Integration Strategy Conference and China Wine Talent Forum"。With the theme of "Cross-border Integration - Innovation and win-win", the forum is the first China Wine Talent Training Summit Forum jointly participated by the education sector, the industry and the business community。

The forum serves as a platform for China's education reform and innovation as well as global education cooperation and exchange,Focusing on alcohol and related industries,Will promote a number of colleges and universities to train, industrial transformation and upgrading of professionals,We will explore ways to solve the structural contradiction between the difficulty of finding employment for college graduates and the shortage of high-level technical skills in enterprises,We will form a talent structure that meets the needs of economic and social development。

CAFA officially launched "Enterprise Talent Database" at the Forum,The database will include the employment needs of well-known wineries, wineries and wineries in China and abroad, as well as talent information of relevant majors in Chinese universities,CAFA will solve the employment problem for graduates through the accurate matching of big data analysis。

Course orientation

Specialty (taking Wine Culture and marketing as an example) : aims to cultivate all-round development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor,Have good professional ethics and human literacy,Master wine related professional knowledge,Familiar with related planting and brewing process,With wine senior sommelier service, sales service, cross-cultural communication skills,Highly qualified technical personnel engaged in wine related senior service, marketing and other aspects of work。

Bachelor's degree (taking wine tasting and winery management as an example) : taking the operation and management of wineries, cellars and wine chain operators as the core competence,The curriculum system is developed around the core business areas of wine expertise, wine tasting, wine sommelier, winery and cellar management,Make students graduate with humanistic quality, modern service concept, professional persistence and innovative spirit,Master the basic knowledge, basic theory and basic skills of wine tasting and serving,Have basic knowledge, basic theory and management practice ability in operation management, brand and business management of wine-related enterprises,Familiar with domestic and international wine and related industry policies, laws and regulations,Comprehensive understanding of domestic and foreign wine industry development dynamics and market prospects of composite service management talents。

Employment direction (part)

  • Wine Marketing - Sales position

  • Chain wine cellar operation - general management position

  • Fine Dining Wine and 5 Star Hotel - Sommelier Post

  • Winery - Brand Operations position

  • Wine International Trade - Purchasing post

  • Wine e-commerce - Operation post

  • Industry Expert - Consultant post

  • Domestic and overseas wine tourism - planning post

  • Wine, Food and Fashion - Media post

  • Wine Investment - Auction Post

  • International exhibition - Policy executive post

Strong alumni network

  • The alumni of CAFA are all over the wine industry at home and abroad, are the mainstay and leader of the industry, become CAFA alumni, join the "Ivy" in the wine industry

  • CAFA regularly organizes online and offline alumni activities to build a solid platform for information exchange and resource integration among alumni。

  • At the same time, CAFA alumni companies open their employment doors to young alumni and become CAFA alumni, providing more opportunities and convenient conditions for your career development。

Outstanding graduate award scheme

Each CES outstanding graduates of CAFA have the opportunity to go to France for further study, visit the winery and learn on-site, and communicate with the winemaker and winemaker face to face。

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