Sommelier International Certification Level 1
Course introduction:

What is the CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Series?

CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Series,It is based on the CES knowledge system of the French National Sommelier Consultant, the ace specialty of the French General School,Based on the Chinese wine market development status, trend and enterprise demand for talents,The curriculum system is jointly developed by senior professors and industry experts from China and France。

CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification courses will be from the theoretical knowledge of wine, wine tasting skills, sommelier culture, operation service, food and wine pairing, business management six aspects of the teaching in a step-by-step manner。It is a quality course for wine lovers and wine practitioners to improve their professional knowledge and professional skills in a short time。

In addition, those who pass the CAFA SOMMELIER Level 3 certification will have the opportunity to apply for admission to the French National Sommelier Consultant CES course。

After receiving the CES certificate, students can directly apply for L3, the third year, at any university within the European Union。Students with outstanding achievements, upon the recommendation of CAFA France headquarters, will have the opportunity to become a member of the French National Sommelier Association。

Why study the CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Series?

The French academic professional sommelier education is combined with the sommelier module, and there is no need to repeat the course。Real simulation teaching, long practical operation hours。The instructor will teach you hand by hand, so that you can master the operation skills of international sommelier。

Practical international courses, in line with the development trend of the domestic industry, a stepping stone to high-paying employment。Master new career skills and stay competitive in the workplace。A very popular course for wine enthusiasts to help you learn more about wine and food。The pure French table manners enhance the sense of ritual in life, so that you will no longer be afraid to attend activities and parties, and easily become the focus。

With the rise of the domestic wine market and the change of people's consumption habits, whether it is daily life or business social activities, the appearance of wine has become more and more frequent, and someone once joked: "wine has become the world's second language".。Therefore, whether it is the improvement of the quality of life or the needs of business and social networking, everyone should reserve some wine knowledge, wine tasting skills and western food business etiquette。CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Level 1 course opens a door to the vast world of wine for wine lovers, and solves the wine application scenarios in life for students。

Graduated from the CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Level 1 course,Participants will learn the basics of wine;Ability to judge the style and quality of wine by tasting;Understand French table culture and etiquette;Master the basic operation art of sommelier;Basic ability to analyze and match Chinese food and wine。

Course Content:

1. Definition and classification of alcoholic beverages

There are many kinds of alcoholic beverages, dazzling eyes, each with different characteristics, drinking ways are different, exquisite we must of course cover everything。

2. History of wine

The most fascinating conversation at the table, you will harvest a pair of stars。

3. Definition and classification of wine

Is it still saying that the word "red wine" goes around the world?

There are many different types of wine。When listening to the sommelier recommend wine, you will not be confused in the fog。

4. Basic Introduction to wine tasting

An ordinary wine, in the process of tasting, can also let us find her shining place, good wine can not live up to, more can not drink。Elegant tasting three steps, instantly make you the brightest boy in the crowd。

5, the world's mainstream grape varieties

You think sommeliers always say wine names in Martian?

Among the thousands of grape varieties, there are always a few particularly pleasing, they have become the mainstream of the wine market, when ordering wine, but you have to know them before you can order your favorite wine。

       6. Wine label

As a bottle of wine ID card, of course, there are strict legal and regulatory requirements, to understand them, is officially entered the door of the wine world。

7. Wine storage

Wine is delicate, and good wine is even more delicate, so protect her before we open the bottle and enjoy it。

8. Wine serving operation and table setting

(Opening and serving method of young wine)

What do you want to open the bottle with?A knife?A chopstick?It's still a brick?Hand by hand to teach you elegant bottle opening, as well as the full process of sober up, the first to become their own sommelier, so that life more ceremonial。

9. Basic introduction to food and wine matching

When we learn to taste wine, read wine labels, and open the bottle artistically, and a little more practical, how do we make our wine taste better。A bottle of wine with distinctive characteristics must be accompanied by a table of delicious food in order to complement each other。

From now on, it is no longer just red wine with red meat, white wine with white meat, but in the details show our refinement。

10. French social etiquette

From how to use the cutlery on the table, to how to dress for lunch and dinner invitations, and how to greet people, we will make you the most gentleman and lady in the room。

Course micro reveal plot:

Seven hours of dry theory?

We'll go from looking, to tasting,

To teach you how to enjoy the beauty of the details。

As food service becomes more professional,

How can we enjoy professional services in our lives?

The front row of glasses, which one should I drink first?

There's too much cutlery for a fight?

In TV dramas, the culture of dining etiquette is getting deeper and deeper

Do not learn, not only common sense is not enough, TV is almost can not understand!

The retro trend is slowly affecting the entire industry,

A complete set of French dinner etiquette, 100% mastery,

Let us know the profession of sommelier from the exquisite details of three meals a day。

Course highlights

The college is internationally accredited and highly recognized

Strong training teachers, professional teaching

The course covers a wide range of practical content

The teaching mode is progressive, deep and simple。

Taste the wine

In this course, you will be introduced to the tasting course

Different types of wine。

干白?干红? 桃红?甜白?

Vin Blanc, Vin Rouge, Vin Rose,

Vin Effervescent, Vin Doux

Let you learn the knowledge in the class clearly, drink wine clearly!

Course wine tasting a total of 10 wines;Total value 3200 yuan

Exam instructions:

Chinese test, the test time is 45 minutes, 40 multiple choice questions, correct 60% of the questions to pass

Course Fee:

1280 RMB/ person (including registration fee, teaching materials, training fee, examination fee and certificate fee)

(7 days before the start of the course, students who cannot attend the course due to their own reasons, the fee is not refundable, and the eligibility can be transferred by themselves)

How to register:

13685315251 (same as wechat)

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