International Sommelier Certification Level 3
Course introduction:

What is the CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Series?

CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Series,It is based on the CES knowledge system of the French National Sommelier Consultant, the ace specialty of the French General School,Based on the Chinese wine market development status, trend and enterprise demand for talents,The curriculum system is jointly developed by senior professors and industry experts from China and France。

CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification courses will be from the theoretical knowledge of wine, wine tasting skills, sommelier culture, operation service, food and wine pairing, business management six aspects of the teaching in a step-by-step manner。It is a quality course for wine lovers and wine practitioners to improve their professional knowledge and professional skills in a short time。

In addition, those who pass the CAFA SOMMELIER Level 3 certification will have the opportunity to apply for admission to the French National Sommelier Consultant CES course。

After receiving the CES certificate, students can directly apply for L3, the third year, at any university within the European Union。Students with outstanding achievements, upon the recommendation of CAFA France headquarters, will have the opportunity to become a member of the French National Sommelier Association。

Why study the CAFA SOMMELIER International Certification Series?

The French academic professional sommelier education is combined with the sommelier module, and there is no need to repeat the course。Real simulation teaching, long practical operation hours。The instructor will teach you hand by hand, so that you can master the operation skills of international sommelier。

Practical international courses, in line with the development trend of the domestic industry, a stepping stone to high-paying employment。Master new career skills and stay competitive in the workplace。A very popular course for wine enthusiasts to help you learn more about wine and food。The pure French table manners enhance the sense of ritual in life, so that you will no longer be afraid to attend activities and parties, and easily become the focus。

If you already know the grape and wine growing and winemaking process;Master wine tasting skills and scoring system;Familiar with the style characteristics of the world's mainstream grape varieties;Operation and service skills of international sommelier;Then you must not miss this CAFA Sommelier International Certification Level 3 course that will make you a real wine shop expert。This is an international course for wine business management elites!

CAFA Sommelier International Certification Level 3 course is a comprehensive and systematic course for wine lovers and practitioners in wine, catering, hotel and other related industries to learn wine knowledge, the world wine landscape and related business operations and management。Theoretical courses focus on different types of wines (or spirits based on grapes) such as dry white, rose, dry red, sweet wine, fortified wine, brandy, etc., covering Europe and New World countries, with detailed analysis of the style characteristics of the important regions。The sommelier course comprehensively improves the professional quality and professional skills of sommeliers from five modules: wine list making, wine trade and procurement, Chinese and Western food and wine pairing, wine cellar management, and sommelier consultant sales。In addition, in order to make the course richer and more practical, the course has also added a coffee and cigar module。

Course Content:


       1. Blind tasting skills and sensory and memory training

品鉴?盲品?Is it easy when you have a teacher to guide you?Independent tasting is like a blank?I remembered it in class, and now I can't remember it?Passed the Level 3 course CAFA senior lecturer - Cyrille, member of the Organizing Committee of the Best French Sommelier Competition            BLEEKER develops "Sommelier Blind tasting Skills and Sensory and memory training" course, so that you can "remember" every tasting。

2. Detailed explanation of different types of wine regions and styles

Is it true that dry white wines don't undergo lactic fermentation?What is the difference between intracellular and extracellular fermentation of dry red wine?Isn't rose a mixture of dry red and dry red?How can sweet white wines have higher or lower sweetness?

3. Strengthen wine and brandy

How can a business elite "not know", "not understand" or "not taste" port, Sherry, Madeira and natural fortified cordial?Apart from the fact that Cognac and Aven are different appellation regions, is there any other reason why one of them is called "gentleman" and the other "knight"?

4. Coffee and cigars

Coffee has slowly become an indispensable drink for modern young people. What magic does it have?What are the coffee tasting techniques and hand brewing techniques?Where is the most famous cigar?Cigars have to be fermented, too?Everyone should be familiar with "serving wine", and how much do you know about the door of "serving tobacco"?

       5. Wine purchasing and trading

What are the procurement channels for wine?Why is the market price of the same famous wine high and low?If the cost of procurement is reduced, the procurement process is shortened?What is en Primeur?Why are some wines bundled?These secrets that ordinary people don't tell you, CAFA Level 3 will teach you!

6. Wine list making

If you want to become a sommelier in a high-end restaurant, or if you want to start a tasteful bar or restaurant, this wine list making course is essential。In the course, the teacher will teach you to make a wine list that reflects unique taste, can bring traffic, and touch sales。

7, sommelier meal wine collocation comprehensive ability

It starts with the analysis of elements in Chinese and Western food, and then focuses on the characteristics of dishes in different regions. Finally, it combines the theory of food and wine matching with practice by case analysis, so as to train sommeliers' comprehensive application ability of food and wine matching。

8. Wine cellar management

The course includes the selection, design and layout of the wine cellar, the daily management and maintenance of the wine cellar, and the management of the wine in and out of the storage。

9. Sommelier consultant sales

An excellent sommelier not only has solid theoretical knowledge, skilled practical operation and service skills, but also has the ability to give customers the most suitable suggestions to drive sales。

Course micro reveal plot:

01, original courses and gold content certificate

CAFA(China) is committed to spreading pure wine knowledge, and is committed to becoming a bridge between domestic wine lovers, consumers and the wine industry chain。Therefore, the senior professors of CAFA France headquarters are well-known industry experts and scholars in the United Nations,On the basis of 30 years of educational experience and unique curriculum system content,Combine the characteristics of China's industry development with the needs of enterprises,Developed CAFA Sommelier International Sommelier Certification Level 1-3 and other country/region courses。These courses and the certificates issued are also the courses and certificates recognized by foreign formal colleges, domestic and foreign industries and enterprises。

02, comprehensive and systematic knowledge system, theory and practice bilateral teaching

The CAFA Sommelier International Certification Level 3 knowledge system effectively combines three major sectors: sommelier, sommelier and wine industry operation management。In addition to systematically introducing the style characteristics of various types of wine and leading the students to taste more than 60 fine wines, the course will also introduce the blind tasting skills and sensory and memory training methodology of the CAFA system, and implement the teaching contents of tasting, service and comprehensive operation management into actual scenarios。

03, international promotion/education platform

All students who have passed the assessment and certification of CAFA International Sommelier Level 3 course can apply to become an authorized instructor of CAFA (China) in the designated area,Organizing courses with the assistance of headquarters;secondly,Students can also apply to CAFA (China) for the CES course, which is one of the most influential wine diplomas in France, equivalent to the European College diploma, and has been upgraded to level 5 by the French National Vocational Qualifications Supervisory Commission。After obtaining this diploma, students can continue to enroll in other undergraduate or master's programs at the French headquarters, and outstanding students can also apply to join the French National Sommelier Association on the recommendation of the school。

Taste the wine

You must have "drunk" a lot of wine when you enter the Level 3 course

What dry white dry red, Merlot Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux Burgundy......

It should be familiar to you。

However, there is no end to learning, and as a level 3 course to build the wine elite,

We are sure to give you a different taste buds experience。

A wide range of wines from the world's classic regions;

Sweet late harvest, precious rot and ice wine;Calm cognac and elegant Cognac;

Charming Potter, Shirley, Madeira......

This tasting will combine "different types", "mainstream grape varieties",

And "world characteristic producing areas" and other characteristics to carry out expert tasting training。

Course wine tasting a total of 60 wines;The total value is 26,800 yuan

Exam instructions:

The assessment will be conducted one month after the end of the course, including: written test + tasting + practical operation three links

1.Written part: Chinese test for 120 minutes \\65 questions, correct 60% of the theoretical part passed

2.Tasting part: 30 minutes of correct answers 60% of the tasting part passed

3.Hands-on part: 30 minutes

Course Fee:

10800 RMB/ person (including registration fee, teaching materials, training fee, examination fee and certificate fee)

(7 days before the start of the course, students who cannot attend the course due to their own reasons, the fee is not refundable, and the eligibility can be transferred by themselves)

How to register:

13685315251 (same as wechat)

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